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My name is Chris Lewis, and I am the creater/artist of Goodstoph Arts, and this is my art portfolio.  I have been drawing since kindergarten, my first drawing was of a dinosaur with a Ghostbuster backpack on. I have been drawing ever since.

I grew up drawing mainly with pencil and ink and advanced my talents over the years.  In 2005, I went to college for media arts and animation and learned quite a few skills from there. I developed "my style" of cartoon drawings. I also learned 3D and digital illustration while attending college and continued to be self taught after. I continue to learn more as I draw almost 100% digitally now in Photoshop, and transitioning that work into Illustrator.
I have used Illustrator to create my artist brand, Goodstoph Arts. I have also used Illustrator to create logos, and branding for companies, as well as illustrations for those that are in need of any artistic help.

Since 2000, I have been a freelance artist and have a few of my projects shown here. If you would like to hire me for your next project or have any questions, feel free to reach out and contact me. 
                                                 Thank you,

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